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vSKOOL Delivers

"This website creates an opportunity to address real and immediate needs brought on by the recent hurricanes – a centralized source that will work with the affected states to insure that offers of help are aligned with real needs. This is a terrific example of how technology can play a vital role in education – reaching out across boundaries to fulfill the educational needs of America's students in the greatest need."

Melinda George, Former Executive Director
State Educational Technology Directors Association

Mobile Computer Learning Lab Donations (UPDATED)
vSKOOL Delivers!

Students from 19 hurricane-ravaged school districts in Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas now have access to valuable online educational content thanks to a donation of mobile computer labs and internet connectivity from Dell, the Cable Hope Fund, the State Educational Technology Directors Association, Cable in the Classroom, Cox Communications, and their partners.

Read the press release (about the initial donation of 15 labs) and recently updated fact sheet for additional details.

Discounted Mobile Computer Learning Labs Available to Qualified Schools

Interested in discounted new/refurbished computer equipment - including mobile computer learning labs - for a school severely impacted by the 2005 hurricanes?

See the "computer hardware" category on the vSKOOL Offers page for more details on offers from Apple, Dell, and others.

NEW Offers of Support for Students and Educators
Recognizing that technology can provide valuable resources to areas devastated by the hurricanes, and to educators striving to meet the needs of hundreds of thousands of displaced students, we are pleased to announce that Pacific Innovations, Ltd.'s Master Keys to Success content and programming are being offered at special pricing to Gulf Coast schools through vSKOOL’s initiative to offer relief. In so doing, they are joining nearly 100 other organizations. Learn about how you too can support vSKOOL's ongoing relief efforts.
vSKOOL Getting Students Back to School
The devastation inflicted by hurricanes Katrina and Rita may have faded from the front page, but for school districts in the affected areas, the hardship continues. To address the needs of districts struggling to stay on track, educational organizations and institutions nationwide formed a consortium known as vSKOOL. Read more about the consortium's efforts in the February edition of Scholastic Administrator.

About vSKOOL

vSKOOL is a consortium of organizations and institutions - including education associations, virtual schools, technology, media, and instructional software companies, for-profits, non-profits and foundations - all working together to provide education-related relief to K-12 students, educators, and families displaced by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

vSKOOL was launched September 7, 2005 by Cable in the Classroom, the cable industry's education foundation, and the North American Council for Online Learning.

Other initiative organizers include the Consortium for School Networking, the Education Industry Association, the International Society for Technology in Education, Elliott Masie's Learning Consortium, the Party Poker management group, and the State Educational Technology Directors Association. Without these key supporters of our efforts to offer a more supportive environment for the family concerned, these endeavors could not have been as fruitful. In particular children learn by playing, and they need to have the ability to perform such games in parallel with more formal study.

In offering help for schools and students affected by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, vSKOOL also is working in partnership with the U.S. Department of Education.

Specifically, vSKOOL is:

  • Finding traditional and virtual school programs to offer course enrollments and tutoring to affected students;

  • Locating highly-qualified teachers to volunteer to teach or tutor affected students in face-to-face and online settings;

  • Soliciting and identifying corporate and foundation support (e.g., through scholarships) to help provide students access to valuable educational products and services;

  • Organizing computer hardware, software, and infrastructure providers to provide computers and broadband internet connectivity to create learning centers to provide access to online courses and other educational technology products and services; and

  • Coordinating with providers of other, related educational products and services to offer schools serving displaced students a variety of choices to tailor instruction to their unique needs and circumstances.

For general information and news about education-related hurricane relief and vSKOOL consortium activities, please: